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Nick Hedden is a Windsor, Ontario native who first picked up the guitar at just five years old. Participating in talent shows and school musicals immersed him in a world of music from a young age.

Taking time away from music to focus on school, he returned to music after seven years to pursue his education. He holds a Masters Degree in Criminology.

The “aha” moment for Nick happened during his first writing session, surrounded by seasoned writers from Nashville. During this session, he and his co-writers wrote one of Nick’s favourite songs; in that moment, he realized that he could do this for a living as well.

Leaning in as a performer and songwriter, Nick started to invest in his career as an artist by 2017. He released his debut EP in April 2020, titled: Ride This Wave.

Hedden’s sound is deeply rooted in the traditional elements of country music, with soul, pop, and a little bit of Motown infused – thanks to some of his major influences, including Ray Charles, Garth Brooks, Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran.

Hedden’s January 2022 single, “I See You” has collected over half a million streams on Spotify alone.

His Spotify bio says “Nick Hedden is bringing old school soulful flavours to new country music”, which is apparent in his easy-listening, Nashville sound.

Introduce yourself to Nick Hedden with these tracks:

I See You
If I Was a Memory
Summer of You
Ride This Wave
All I See Is You

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Buzz Music on Nick Hedden's Single "I Promise You"


“I Promise You” grabbed me by the heartstrings within the first 10 seconds with the beautiful combination of piano and guitar only to be further entranced by the calming and refined vocals performed by Nick. His voice has rasp around the edges, and Nick clearly has the ability to deliver seamless melodies with style compiled with harmonies scattered throughout the song that add depth to Nick’s voice. The lyrics are extremely relatable and feels like the story Nick is trying to deliver is simply the promise to love, always – “I Promise You” presents this story so gorgeously. Nick’s voice with the accompaniment of different tones and instruments has remnants of some new age pop and modern country with a dash of that timeless country sound that many artists have used such as Garth Brooks, and Alan Jackson. “I Promise You” is the perfect amount of country mixed with pop and if you are looking for your next feel good, heart throbbing, “I’m in love” kind of song – then look no further because Nick Hedden has you covered!

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Canadian Beats Story on Nick Hedden's single "Wish You Could Be My Girl"


Hedden is a Windsor, Ontario native who’s been immersed in the arts since his elementary school days. From talent shows to school musicals, performing has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember.

While his instrumentation might fall under traditional country, Hedden says his voice adds elements of pop and soul. As a songwriter, he’s passionate about creating his own music, but says he follows the advice he heard from legendary countryman Garth Brooks when it comes to songs – “Always write the best songs  you can, only sing the best songs ever.”

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Sarnia Animal Shelter Unleashes Fashion Show Fundraiser


“He is absolutely unbelievable – goosebumps unbelievable,” Lowe said about Hedden.

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