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Nick Hedden is a Windsor, Ontario native who has been immersed in the arts since elementary school.  From talent shows to school musicals, performing has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember.  


Nick began writing and playing shows professionally at the end of 2017. He released his debut EP “Ride This Wave” in April 2020. While his instrumentation might fall under the “traditional country” genre, Hedden’s voice adds elements of soul and pop.


The “aha” moment for Nick happened during his first writing session with seasoned writers from Nashville, TN.  During this write he and his co-writers wrote one of Nick’s favourite songs— in that moment he realized that he could do this for a living as well. 


Nick has many influences that are rooted in his deep love for music.  These range from Motown to new contemporary artists.  Some of his major influences are Ray Charles, Garth Brooks, Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran.  Nick takes different aspects from each influence to craft his own unique sound.  


His most notable show to date was a songwriters round at the well-known “Commodore Grille” in Nashville, TN. 


Today, Nick is putting together music for his next EP.  He also continues to collaborate with other artists and songwriters, to build his catalogue of original material.

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